Flowlee meter verification offers the following in field/ on site services.


  • Global Engineering Services

    Instrumentation Commissioning
    Validation & Healthcare Checks
    Man & Machine Service
    Flow Meter Verification
    In Depth Training
    Onsite Repairs

  • Reference Meters

    Katflow 200

  • Flow Meter & Instrument Verification

    Flow meter & Instrument Verification allows us to measure the accuracy of the equipment under test

  • Flare Gas Validation

    Flowlee Engineers have been providing Flare Gas Flow Measurement Solutions for more than twelve years, using the well known PanametricsTM product line group of Ultrasonic Flaregas Flowmeters.

  • Analyzer System Setup & Calibration

    Commissioning and trouble shooting for a wide range of Pressure & Temperature devices, Hygrometers, Trace Dew Point Meters, Relative Humidity Analyzer, & Moisture in Solids Analyzers to every corner of industry

  • Equipment Hire

    Flow Measurement Devices
    Moisture Sample Systems
    Oxygen Sample Systems
    Data Loggers