Reference Flow Meters


transit time


Transit-Time Flow Measurement Technique Panametrics™.


The transit-time technique uses a pair of transducers, with each transducer sending & receiving coded ultrasonic signals through the fluid. When the fluid is flowing, signal transit time in the downstream direction is shorter than in the upstream direction; the difference between these transit times is proportional to the flow of velocity. The TransPort PT878 and PT878GC™ measures this time difference & uses programmed pipe parameters to determine flow rate & direction.


PT878™ Clamp-On Liquid Solution.


The Transport PT878™ Ultrasonic flowmeter’s patented correlation transit-time digital signal processing (DSP) technique greatly increases its signal-to-noise ratio for accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles. The Panametrics PT878™ operates in these & other difficult applications where conventional transit time flow meters fail.

Our preferred instruments accurately measures flow rate in perfectly clean liquids containing no “scatterers,” where Doppler flow meters cannot work. Suited for all standard transit time applications, the Transport PT878™ Ultrasonic Flow meter can be used in many other applications that would prevent other transit time flow meters from working.








PT878GC™ Clamp-On Gas Solution.


The Transport PT878GC™ flow meter can be used to measure the flow of any gas. It is especially useful for metering erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile gases or in any application where penetrating the pipe wall is undesirable. Since no tapping or cutting of the pipe is required, permanent installation costs are significantly reduced. The meter has no wetted or moving parts, causes no pressure drop & has very wide range ability.









 Katflow 200 ™.

The new KATflow ultrasonic flow meter  also benefit from a number of new features, including a graphical display providing the user with more information on the meter, a diagnostic screen with digital oscilloscope function and real-time graphs of the flow data. The instruments feature a new intelligent sensor location function intended to make correct sensor positioning easier than it has ever been.

Katflow 200 flowmeters are supplied with extended 100’000 point data loggers &  integral wall thickness probe to make it a complete pipe survey tool & to assist with the accurate installation of the meter.

The ultrasonic sensors used with the KATflow 200 are manufactured with a stainless steel head & cable conduit for extreme robustness. They are supplied with dual sensor sets to cover a pipe diameter range from 10 mm … 3,000 mm with special options available for more demanding applications.