Flare Gas Validations & Healthcare Checks




Flare Gas Validation™.


Flowlee engineers have been providing flare gas flow measurement solutions for more than twelve years, using the well-known Panametrics™ product line group of Ultrasonic flaregas flow meters. This technology is highly regarded as being very well-suited for flare gas applications, due to these flow meters’ inherent lack of pressure drop, high accuracy with wide turndown, high reliability with low maintenance & fast speed of response. In addition to supplying users with flare gas flow meter products, Flowlee provides a variety of services to commission, validate & regulatory compliance.



Annual Re-Certification.


Flowlee Services are fully aware that not all Flaregas installation are able to remove transducers’ whilst In service & so have developed an intermediate validation certificate that ensures Environment Agency complicity & will annually certify the operation & functionality of your Flaregas flow meter system.