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 Man & Machine Service Engineer Cover.


The Flowlee Meter & Instrument Verification team has over 17 years’ experience working with in situ Instrument & metering verification & calibration processes. We pride ourselves in offering a man & machine service package that always leaves the customers with a working solution. Flowlee Meter Verification Ltd provides our customers with a modern day service engineering solution that can access any location onshore or offshore around the globe. The team can mobilise at short notice & transport equipment directly with them to site. Alternatively for larger operations test equipment can be shipped directly to you & our engineers can be made available to cover you through the start-up & commissioning stages of your project.

 Our engineers can also provide you with the best solution for an on-site or factory calibration schedule ensuring that it meets compliance & specifications for your on-site operating conditions. These schedules can provide approved reports which can help maintain records to the highest environmental & quality requirement standards.


Validation / Healthcare Checks For Your Installations.


Validations can be performed as an annual requirement, or can be offered as a long term agreement to help you control budgetary restrictions, This service will enable you to always fulfil your environmental requirements with your equipment. At the end of the survey we will provide you with a report that shows the measured parameters, the supporting programming parameters, diagnostics details & waveforms of the ultrasonic signals so you can obtain accurate information to enable you to answer the questions you have about your on-site processes.

Where applicable you will be provided with a certificate declaring that the instrument is working to the manufacturer’s technical specifications.


Instrumentation Commissioning Services Gas Analysis & Pressure.


As a company we also provide sales commissioning & trouble shooting for a wide range of temperature & pressure devices, hygrometers, trace dew point meters, relative humidity analyzers, & moisture in solids analyzers to every corner of industry.

The moisture analyzers & probes are for measurement in gases & hydrocarbon liquids & are available in explosion proof, intrinsically safe versions. These allow the continuous measurement of the moisture content in a wide range of application without exposing the surroundings to increased risk factors, these applications include: hydrocarbon liquids, (including transformer oil, hydraulic oil), oil & gas industries, compressed air, power generation & pharmaceutical processes.


On-Site Repairs & Application Troubleshooting.


Where you really require an urgent repair, we can help you to fix the problems at your own installations, &/or provide a rented unit so that you avoid costly downtime in a critical point of your process.


In Depth Training On Your Equipment.


With over 17 years’ experience of ultrasonic flow, Insertion probe & electromagnetic flow meters, Moisture & oxygen, Temperature & pressure devices we can provide practical training whether you need to know more about or you don’t fully understand your Instruments, ask us about onsite training with your technicians & get the best out of your instruments.


Offshore Services.


Flowlee also maintains & services process control instrumentation on & offshore when & where it is required, offering in field testing & verification, laboratory or in situ verification & calibration services to several key industry sectors.
Flowlee works to UK and overseas traceable standards for our in house & in situ verification & calibration services.




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